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Technology That Just Works E-Forms Design Collaboration Paperless Office Local Government
CIDARE E-Forms - Intuitive Forms for Assessors
CIDARE E-Forms is here!
Fair Valuation Finance Local Government Tax Policy
Tax Assessment and Gentrification - Crafting Smart Tax Policy
When gentrification occurs in a city or a town, tax assessors become an active participant in crafting smart tax policy.
Communication Social Media Technology Tablet Valuation Customer Service Education Mobile
Guide to Empowering Taxpayers through Information
Keeping everyone informed about the assessment process is key to reducing misunderstandings. Good communication fosters transparency and builds strong relationships with property owners.
Climate Change Local Government Tax Policy
The Impact of Climate Change On Tax Assessing
Climate change is altering the physical landscape and the way we think about property taxation.
Communication Inter-Departmental Communication Local Government
The Assessor's Data - An Untapped Resource for Local Governments
Assessors can burgeon their influence within local government by helping other departments explore how to use assessing data.
Data Collection Technology Accuracy Customer Service
CIDARE and Marshfield, MA Team Up On 1000 Parcel Cyclical Project
Marshfield, MA hires CIDARE, Inc. for an initial cyclical project of 1,000 parcels.
News Data Collection
Teaming with Somerset, MA!
We're excited to team with Somerset, MA on a new data collection project!
Customer Service Communication
The Importance of Knowing Your Audience
Communication works best when you know your audience and can cut through the noise.
Technology CAMA Systems Open Software
Embracing The Paradigm of Open Software
Open software, software that is easy to update and integrate, is missing from assessing and that needs to change.
Data Collection Digitization Paperless Office Technology
Getting Rid of Paper - a Path to a More Efficient Assessor's Office
Transforming a paper-based assessing process to one that is electronic requires planning and foresight. We outline the challenges and offer an example of what works.
Budget Finance
Novel Methods For Supplementing Your Budget
How can assessors get supplemental funding to invest in their departments? We look at two options.
Accuracy Data Collection LIDAR Sketches Technology
LiDAR - A Brief Introduction
LiDAR technology and its rich data have been available since the '60s. How can assessors leverage this innovative technology?
Cleaning Data Fair Valuation Racial Bias
Bias - The Bane of Tax Assessors
Bias in sales and property data is scourge to fair and equitable valuations. Learn how to combat it.
Education Foreign Property Tax Systems
Residential Property Taxes in the United Kingdom
The first in an upcoming series of articles by CIDARE to outline and explain different property taxes systems throughout the world. We hope to pique your curiosity to learn more!
A La Carte Services App Development News
CIDARE Wins Quincy, MA Web Development Project
The City of Quincy Assessors' Office understands that web technology enables better information and better customer service.
The Art of the Ask - Getting Your Budget
You have ideas to improve your department. Now you need some money. Here's an approach to getting funded.
Build It or Buy It - Options for CAMA
Custom CAMA software or off-the-shelf software from a vendor - what to consider when choosing a new CAMA system.
Mobile News Social Media
Social Media - The Assessor's Secret Weapon
Social media is prevalent in people's lives. To reach taxpayers, assessors need to become masters of using social media.
Consortium Small Jurisdictions Technology
Operating Big When You're Small
A small property tax jurisdiction operate like a much larger jurisdiction through focus, collaboration, and creativity.
Data Collection Technology
Why Third Party Data Collection is Preferable to In-House Data Collection
Data is the lifeblood of assessing. Outside data collection firms can ensure you're using the most accurate data possible.
Data Collection Tablet Mobile Technology
Modernizing Data Collection in the Digital Age
Isn't it time to consider new tools that make the task of data collection easier?
Customer Service A La Carte Services Data Collection
An Approach to Onsite Data Collection
Communication is the key to being able to gather property data in an environment where property owners are reluctant to give you access.
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