If you're a tax assessor, we want to partner with you. Learn what drives us.

Our work is to make your work simple and effective.

Tax assessing is a time-consuming, complex job. Unfortunately, the tools and processes tax assessors use for their job haven't evolved. A paper, a pencil, and a tape measure are still the primary tools of the trade. Computer applications for assessing are expensive and difficult to use. Data are not always accurate. That's where we come in.

Our goal is simple: we want to make assessing easier. We give assessors the technologies and services they lack so that they don't have to worry about data collection, are more responsive to taxpayers, and can focus on valuation.



We seek to be the real estate data and analytics company assessors trust and depend on.


Our clients are our partners. Together we design new products, create new services, and innovate.


We believe in fairness; our goal is to ensure fairness by providing trustworthy, objective information.
"It does no good to build a product or a service that nobody uses.  Work with clients to build products and services that are immediately useful and that people like to use. If we do this, everything else will take care of itself."

CIDARE Core Belief

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