Need a set of commercial buildings measured? Want to augment your field team temporarily in a revaluation year? A CIDARE Project is ideal for such situations. Leverage our technology and people for a short amount of time to quickly collect and analyze accurate, auditable data.

A CIDARE Project

Want to work together? Then follow us through the steps of a typical project so you can feel confident we'll deliver the property data and analysis you need.

Determine Your Targets
Do you need help with cyclical, building permit, or sales verification inspections? Or do you simply need us to measure a set of buildings? What properties are targeted? Are they residential, commercial/industrial, exempt properties or a mixture? Answer these questions and we can start to plan.
Plan the Deployment
Now that we know the scope of the project, let's plan its execution!  What are your data priorities? Besides core services (data collection, data analysis, and data entry), do you need us to notify the property owners, provide customer support, or create informational flyers and brochures? 
Gather and Analyze the Data
Now we get your data! Our global team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to collect, analyze, review, and deliver the data you need. We check and recheck your data to ensure accuracy. 
Get it to Your CAMA System
What good is accurate data if you can’t use it? We focus on getting data from the field into your CAMA system within 24 hours of collection. Unlike other service providers, we’re agnostic and can work with any CAMA system.
Project Delivered
After we enter the data and you've had a chance to review everything and let us know you're satisfied, we're done! Another project successfully delivered!
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