CIDARE E-Forms transforms any form into an electronic form so that you can accept submissions in paper form, pdf, or digitally and only have to manage files in a computer rather than mounds of paper and folders. 


Digital forms have never been easier. Search the term "digital forms" and you'll get a long list of options that allow you to create your own forms. Wonderful if you have the time, the technical know how, and the desire to struggle to learn how to use a confusing technology. 

CIDARE E-Forms is different - most of the forms you'll need as an assessor are already built for you, any custom forms not in the library we'll build for you, and we manage the technology side completely so all you have to do is review submissions and make decisions. Why struggle with paper when it's so easy to become digital?


We built CIDARE E-Forms with insight from our assessing partners. With CIDARE E-Forms:

  • Taxpayers can choose to fill out forms online or use email or use regular paper forms; 

  • Staff can review electronic submissions directly and log paper and emailed submissions;

  •  Assessors can review and manage all submissions digitally.

Key Benefits

No more paper - Whether someone submits a paper form or chooses to fill out the form on your website, all submissions become digital submissions, making each submission easy to store, organize, search, and review.
We manage the technology - We host the server, set up the form, and manage them. Focus on assessing while we take care of the technology.
Easy setup - Take the links we generate and put them into your website. Forms are instantly available.
Design services included - 3 customized forms a year are included as part of your subscription. Need more than 3? No problem.

Key Features

  • Hosted and maintained by CIDARE.
  • Accessible via mobile and desktop.
  • Can be configured to accept paper and pdf submissions in addition to normal digital submissions.
  • Manage the complete form workflow from within the system or choose a different workflow; the system can be configured to fit the workflow you need.
  • Automate responses using the in-built messaging system.
  • Search function makes it easy to find specific forms or responses.

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