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CIDARE E-Forms - Intuitive Forms for Assessors

CIDARE E-Forms - Intuitive Forms for Assessors

Apr 24, 2024

After hundreds of hours of research, design, engineering, and testing, and the help of our design collaboration partners, especially Melrose, MA, Taunton, MA, Chelsea, MA, and Quincy, MA, CIDARE E-Forms is now available for assessors in Massachusetts that want an easy-to-use digital forms system.

We built CIDARE E-Forms with assessors in mind, which means it’s significantly different than a normal form system or Google Forms.

First, you don’t have to create any forms yourself. Massachusetts state forms used by all assessors are already built; we can also build custom forms quickly and easily.

Second, you don’t have to manage any forms yourself. We make sure that all forms you’re making available are current. You can focus on being an assessor.

Third, the system is flexible; in short we adapt the technology to your office’s needs instead of forcing your office to adapt to the new technology. In practice, this means that if you have taxpayers that want to file a motor vehicle excise abatement with a physical form they can. If you have a business that wants to submit their income and expense information via email, they can. If you have a taxpayer that wants to fill out a form on their mobile phone, they can. The system can adapt to all of those workflows, with the end result that each form submitted is converted into an electronic version that is easy to file, find, review, and make a decision on.

So, if you’re ready to modernize your office and make it easy for taxpayers to fill out and submit forms, CIDARE E-Forms is ready to help!

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