CIDARE Scheduler
A scheduling system that makes assessing offices more productive and the lives of property owners easier.

CIDARE Scheduler

Improved customer service and a more productive office? Appointments are the easiest way to improve an assessing office's customer service and productivity. Property owners appreciate when assessors respect their time and are transparent about who, why, and when staff are visiting a property. Assessors find that staff are able to gather better data (both interior and exterior property data) and can allocate time more efficiently.

CIDARE Scheduler makes it easy for property owners to setup appointments and for assessors to manage appointments. With minimal setup, any assessing office can make their office friendly and better run, differentiating themselves from other local government departments and creating a positive impression for the property owner. All parties benefit!

CIDARE Scheduler

CIDARE Scheduler is different because it is built specifically for assessing. The system can be connected to any CAMA system, taking advantage of existing property records to automatically pre-fill address information. Assessors setup inspection types and property inspector/data collector schedules, which gives the system a lot of flexibility. Once a property owner setups up an appointment, the system automatically allocates the appointment to a data collector based on staff availability.  All appointment confirmations, change notifications, and reminders can be sent via email and text message. 

In short - assessors now have a powerful and flexible scheduling system ready and waiting for them.

Key Benefits

Flexibility - Use different kinds of inspection types and inspector schedules to mold CIDARE Scheduler for your office's workflow.
Better experiences - Give property owners a great customer service experience by making it easy to schedule a property inspection and be notified of any changes to their appointment.
Better data - Assessors can more easily gather interior and exterior data.
Productivity - Staff are better able to plan their work in the field.

Key Features

  • Connect CIDARE Scheduler to your CAMA system and take advantage of information already in the parcel record
  • Automate emails and text messages to keep property owners informed
  • Customize communication by writing the confirmation and notification emails and texts
  • Enable smart scheduling by associating specific inspection types with specific parcels
  • Appointments are assigned to available data collectors automatically
  • Encrypted data storage ensures any non-public information is safe

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