Capture more property data and better property data with CIDARE Capture. 


We understand - data collection is central to your job as an assessor. Without trustworthy data, fair and equitable values are impossible.

CIDARE Capture simplifies the data collection process. No more paper property cards, no more photo logs, no more tedious review, and no more manual data entry.

Instead, property data is available instantly, photos are logged automatically, sketch changes are converted into digital drawings, and approved changes are entered into your CAMA system. When you go to the field, the only thing you need to worry about is data collection.


We ship CIDARE Capture pre-installed on tablets to our customers, ready to use out of the box. Android-based and built specifically for the needs of tax assessing, CIDARE Capture makes it easy to access specific property listing data, draw and update building sketches, and take as many hi-resolution photos as necessary of all buildings, outbuildings, and any other property features you need to document. 

Key Benefits

Easily defend values - Auditable records and hi-resolution photos have your back. 
Ensure accurate data - Field data goes into your CAMA system only after you review and approve it.
Focus on analysis, not administration - No paper to manage, no logs to maintain, and no data entry. Just worry about data collection.

Key Features

  • Draw and write with your stylus or finger
  • Unlimited photos, instantly associated with the property
  • Guided property visits ensure you capture all key data
  • Digital property cards
  • Secure storage and transfer of all data
  • Visual feedback on the impact of changes to property value
  • Dictate, type, or write notes
  • Powerful search function
  • Customizable interface

CIDARE Capture Web

Need to work from the office? Use CIDARE Capture on the web. Allocate properties for collection, view your team's statistics for a current deployment, and review data captured in the field before authorizing its entry into your CAMA system.

Key Benefits

Plan with confidence - Use CIDARE Capture's planning tools to manage projects.
Access to information - Access field data and aerial imagery, listing data, and other information.
Easy management - Manage staff, review team progress, and get vital production statistics in real-time.
Accuracy - Release data for CAMA only after you've reviewed a record.

Key Features

  • Maps and lists to review and manage properties for a project
  • Access to field data and other data sources
  • Digital property cards
  • Visual feedback on the impact of changes to property value
  • Team and project work-progress statistics

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