A La Carte
You perform your own data collection and data analysis. Let us help with our notification, customer support, and photo capture services.
Want your data collection to go smoothly?

Then make sure property owners aren't surprised when you come to inspect their property. We can help - let us take care of notices for you. Here's how our notifications service works:

  1. You send us the list of property owners and addresses that you’re targeting for property inspections.
  2. We’ll design and layout the letters and leave-behind notices professionally; you approve. Need letters and notices in more than one language? No problem, we’ve got you covered.
  3. Once you’ve approved the letter and leave-behinds, we mail the letters and ship you a stack of notices that your staff can leave behind if the property owner isn’t home when they visit.

Property owners are informed, staff don't have to deal with irate property owners, and you have one less thing to do. Data collection is much easier as a result.
Customer Support
For a typical client, we field 450 calls per month, each one lasting about 10 minutes.

That’s two weeks worth of time every month! Gain back that time by having CIDARE provide initial customer support.

Our multi-capable support teams can schedule property inspections, address simple issues, and answer taxpayers’ basic questions. Property owners get the answers they need, your department frees up much needed time, and your reputation for good customer service is secure.
Photo Capture
Sometimes the only thing you need to collect at a property is a photo.

Send our property inspection team to do that job for you. Your staff can focus on major data collection duties (like cyclicals, sales verification, building permits, or abatements) and you can benefit from having high quality photos sent straight to your CAMA system and preserved in CIDARE’s archive for easy retrieval later.
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