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Teaming with Somerset, MA!

Teaming with Somerset, MA!

By CIDARE Sales at CIDARE, Inc.
Jan 25, 2023

A Great Partner

We are excited to announce that we will be starting a new project with Somerset, MA on 02/13/2023, collecting data for 53 parcels and a total of 81 buildings, as a first step towards a more comprehensive program in the near future.

During the deployment, CIDARE will provide the following services:

  • CIDARE pre-deployment and planning services;
  • Data collection services using CIDARE Capture and LiDAR technology and CIDARE data collection staff;
  • CIDARE analytical services using CIDARE analysts and quality control team staff;
  • CIDARE customer support services using CIDARE Scheduler technology; and
  • CIDARE data entry services, using CIDARE's knowledge of the Tyler IAS system.

Somerset chose to work with CIDARE because of our technology and our professionalism. No other vendors they knew of have the systems and processes in place to perform data collection, analysis, customer support, and data entry in a manner that is fully transparent, objective, and auditable. 

We want to thank Pamela Lee, Somerset's Principal Assessor, and Jane Puccio, Assistant Assessor, for their trust in our capabilities and for working with us to design this first project. We're looking forward to working with them!

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