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CIDARE and Marshfield, MA Team Up On 1000 Parcel Cyclical Project

CIDARE and Marshfield, MA Team Up On 1000 Parcel Cyclical Project

By Matthew Cabrera at CIDARE, Inc.
Updated On: Nov 13, 2023

A New Project

We are excited to announce that Marshfield, MA and CIDARE, Inc. are collaborating on a new cyclical data collection project for 1000 parcels, with the first portion being collected in November and December of 2023 before the project will be wrapped up in early 2024. 

During the project, CIDARE will provide the following services:

  • CIDARE pre-deployment and planning services;
  • CIDARE data collection services utilizing CIDARE Capture, LiDAR technology, and photogrammetry technology, and CIDARE's skilled data collection staff;
  • CIDARE customer support services using CIDARE Scheduler;
  • CIDARE analytical and drafting services for quality control and initial new growth analysis; and
  • CIDARE data entry services using CIDARE's knowledge of the Patriot CAMA system.

Marshfield chose to work with CIDARE because it wanted to ensure accurate data and a more professional data collection experience for property owners. CIDARE technology and experise ensured that Marshfield could achieve both of its goals.

Thank you to Anne Marie Sinnott, the Prinicipal Assessor, and the rest of the Marshfield staff for their support!

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