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CIDARE Wins Quincy, MA Web Development Project

CIDARE Wins Quincy, MA Web Development Project

Updated On: Mar 21, 2022

We're excited to announce that the City of Quincy, MA Assessors' Office and CIDARE are working together to build a new assessing website! The goal is to make it easier for constituents to find information, communicate with staff, fill out forms, and schedule property inspections. The new website will feature distinct mobile and desktop experiences for visitors, a custom scheduling system that will make it easy for property owners to schedule inspections, and new digital form technology that will change the way property owners provide information to the assessor. 

The first stage of this three stage project kicks-off today. Quincy's property inspection website (www.quincypropertyinspection.us) will be getting a design overhaul with the intention to make the website more accessible to all constituents and will be moved to a new sub-domain of quincyma.gov. Tools to provide a unique mobile and desktop experience and new infrastructure that will allow the creation of additional content in stages 2 and 3 of the project are also a core part of this first stage of development.

Being a technology firm, it's always rewarding to work with people that have a vision. A big thanks to Colleen Healy, John Rowland, and Chris Rooney for the opportunity to work with them and realize their vision for a better assessing experience!


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